From FOX 13 News

TUKWILA, Wash. – After a three-and-a-half month safety strike, caregivers at Cascade Behavioral Health are back to work after reaching an agreement with management.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) says strikers demanded dedicated security staff for frontline caregivers at Cascade. The three-year tentative agreement satisfied strikers’ calls for a safer facility, according to the union, and covers 220 RNs LPNs, mental health techs and service workers.

“Most of the safety strikers, like me, were women, many of whom are also immigrants and workers of color,” said licensed practical nurse Lidia Abushet. “We stuck together through our union, got support from our communities, and are so proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Workers will return to the hospital for their first shift since the strike on Monday.

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